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Urinal Gum is a Eugene, Oregon based zine. Each issue includes letters written to various companies or famous figures, reviews of media and restaurants, and articles smacking with humor. There is no cohesive thesis, but Urinal Gum is strong in nihilistic themes. It's stated purpose:

"Urinal Gum is meant to get people to laugh and smile and giggle and frown-upside-down. The stated purpose of the zine is to enhance others’ lives through drivel. It’s a way to integrate and segregate without having to open your door. Every month, we take a look at what people aren’t thinking about. And, we get them to think about it so that their minds become overloaded with irrelevant thoughts causing one to miss his rent payment or sister’s birthday. It’s the porridge that Goldilocks scalded her mouth on but ate anyway. Urinal Gum is that little treasure in the cesspool that you just want to put in your mouth, but you know you shouldn’t and that it would most likely ruin your life. Reroute your optic nerves with us. It unites by alienating all. The gray area of the yin and yang. Making the world a better place through confusion. A latticework of disconnected threads. Soiling oneself with a look of smugness. It’s having the dream where you find yourself naked in school and are proud of it."

Urinal Gum is on its eighth issue.

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