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The SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine Library was created in Fall 2006 at SUNY New Paltz (in New Paltz, NY) in order to help students gain access to zines created locally and world wide. Donations are extremely important and necessary for the growth and maintainence of the library. There are weekly open hours for students to browse the collection and check out zines. Currently, there is no permanent residence for the collection, hence it being a "traveling" zine library. Hopefully, this "unofficially" library will one day be able to find a place in the SUNY New Paltz library.

Currently the collection has 200 zines with an emphasis on body image, feminism, mental health, gender, and sexuality based zines.

The official website is constantly being updated.

In Spring 2008 the SUNY New Paltz students formed a zine club taking in the zine library changing the title from the "Unofficial SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine Library" to the "SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine Library."

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