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Ultrawarp was a media science fiction fanzine published by the Victoria based fan club Time-Trekkers.

Published in the 1990s in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, Ultrawarp was devoted to Star Trek and Dr. Who. Also included were articles on Babylon 5, Blake's 7, and The X-Files.

Editors have included Michael Cloonan, Simon Mead, and Greg Smith.

In his February 1998 review, David J. Richardson said, "First up, the short trip north to find the Time-Trekkers and 28th edition of their Ultrawarp. As ose names suggest, they cover a stack of sci-fi and related things...It's got a more newsletter than zine feel, but well worth it."

Ultrawarp is included in the Susan Smith-Clarke Zine Collection at The National Library of Australia.

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