Twin Cities Zinefest

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Twin Cities Zinefest is a DIY craft, culture and self-publishing event held annually in Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Since 2004, the Twin Cities Zinefest has welcomed creatives, rebels, musicians and frustrated intellectuals to connect, create and share ideas. As the area’s premiere self-publishing event, Zinefest often features an art show, live music, guest speakers and panel discussions. Zinefest plays host to some of the Midwest’s best self-made talent.

Zines (zeens) are self-published books made by people who care. They often cover topics that are not prominently discussed in mainstream media and speak to a small audience of like-minded readers. They can be hand-made or press-run by the power of the creator’s own cash or cunning. If you still have questions about whether something is a zine, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of gray area surrounding the products of small press. Just know that zines often lack proper publishers, distributors and attention. If you think you found something at Barnes & Noble that might be a zine, it isn’t. To hunt the zine in its natural habitat, you’ve got to come to Zinefest.

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