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Trabant is a perzine created by Megan Gendell. The zine's format consists of journal entries outlining her charmed life in New York, accentuated by endearing line drawings.


Trabant # 1: issued in 2005. Primarily revolves around descriptions of Megan's experiences with trapeze school, but touches on rabbit food, alleyways, and love.

Trabant # 2: issued in 2006. This issue focuses on Megan's decision and subsequent anguish about deciding not to pursue a career as a trapese instructor, a foray into hand-stand classes, circus art, going to the gym, and shaving.

Trabant # 3: issued in 2007. This issue is inspired by books Megan edited about the ocean, as well as her experience at the lava studio in Brooklyn. The table of contents she includes in the beginning is taken directly from a pageflow of a 10-book childrens' series of books about the ocean, and each page is headed with a title borrowed from the series. Though the ocean-themed titles often do not match the content of each page or section, the cyclical rythm of her writing mimics the tide in some ways. Megan weaves in stories about her experience editing the ocean book series with her thoughts about art and performance, work and love.

Trabant # 4: issued 2009. Megan tells the story of her recent breakup with long-term girlfriend Heather with an analysis of small objects she collected over the last five years in their shared apartment. This "catalog of that old art gallery" (in the author's words) is accompanied with sentimental stories behind each object.