Toronto Women's Bookstore

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The Toronto Women's Bookstore is a non-profit bookstore dedicated to promoting anti-oppression politics and feminist politics. Their mission: To provide books by women writers, especially marginalized women, including women of colour, First Nations women, lesbians, other queer women, working class women, disabled women, Jewish women, and other groups of women.

Their mandate is to be an information provider and community resource for events, political actions, women's health care, self care, different community groups. To organize events that reflect the communities of women they serve.

The idea for the Toronto Women's Bookstore grew out of a need for a space for women where books written by women, for women and about women's issues could be available and for sale.

Founded in 1973, the Bookstore grew from a single shelf of books to what is now the largest, non-profit feminist & humanistic bookstore in Canada.

Books that they carry reflect their feminist and humanistic philosophy. For instance, they are an important source for books on feminist and cultural theory, queer men of colour, health, violence against women, lesbian issues, and writing by women of colour, First Nations women and Jewish women. They offer a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction by Canadian and international writers plus much more. They provide magazines, journals and zines that are otherwise hard to find.