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Timezones & Statelines (or State Lines and Time Zones) is a quarter-legal-sized split zine by Alex Wrekk and Alan Lastufka. T&S was written between October 31st and November 4th while Wrekk, from Portland, was visiting Lastufka in Chicagoland.

The title was loosely based on the lyrics from Defiance, OH's song, "Response to Griot" in which they sing:

if you call me up drunk, at four in the morning,
no matter the timezones or state lines away.
i'll be on buslines or burning up phone cards,
just like i lived eight blocks away.

At the time, Timezones & Statelines marked the first zine Wrekk had made in nearly three years.


Sample page from Alan's half.
Sample page from Alex's half.

Timezones & Statelines features a unique layout, each opened page has four quadrants, one for each season of the year. Spring is in the upper left, summer in the upper right, autumn in the lower left and winter in the lower right.

Each piece corresponds to the season, for example, the autumn quadrant is a piece about autumn, etc.

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