Thought Bombs

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Thought Bombs is a zine by Anthony Rayson, published in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Anthony Rayson also runs the distro South Chicago Anarchist Black Cross Zine Distro.

Thought Bombs focuses on prison issues and well as other situations, from an Anarchist perspective. The zine features contributions of writing and art from prisoners and others in the underground.

Anthony Rayson says of zine publishing, "Zines are the only means of expression prisoners have—and high school kids—and punks—and students—and mental patients—kids in Indonesia—you name it. The most inclusive, current and informed political analysis is to be found in zines. I even use zines and DIY ethics, cut and paste, to fight the state of Illinois over a hideous airport in my area. The very practicality of zines has enormous potential to distribute powerful arguments about ongoing struggles for any and all groups, but it takes dedicated hardworking zinesters to do it."

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