This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury

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This Could Lead to Excellence or Serious Injury is a They Might Be Giants fanzine founded in 2012 by Quinn Collard. The fanzine focuses primarily on John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. Regular features include analysis of songs and pictures, show reviews and pictures, and lists.


  • No. 1: The first issue includes story of how the author became a fan, and reviews of shows from the Join Us tour
  • No. 2: Includes more Join Us reviews, and more
  • No. 3: Reviews of three Brooklyn shows and a list of the benefits of John Flansburgh fangirlship
  • No. 4: Reviews of Nanobots and shows on the accompanying tour, and a list of creepy songs
  • No. 5: Includes show reviews and photos from TMBG sites in NYC
  • No. 6: Show reviews, a list of the best B-sides, and a poem

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