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Thermidor is "a zine of adventure and miscellany" published once a year by Philadelphia resident Kate Amok since 2003.

Using personal experience as a segue into mini-histories of whatever she finds interesting, Kate covers subjects like Latvian drunk punks, an African village in South Carolina, eccentrics from her Southern hometown, roadside attractions, abandoned insane asylums, and matriarchal screaming cults. Though technically a perzine, Thermidor highlights the the bizarre side of life rather than the everyday.

Every issue includes an interview with an interesting person and a surreal cover design by Kate's partner Erik. The layouts are Xeroxed cut-and-paste.

Kate's friend David often contributes stories, and the two are now at work on a split zine regarding their respective travels abroad. Thermidor #4, a Philadelphia-themed issue, is also in production.

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