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THE RIDDLER is a great big yellow piece of paper that’s folded up origami-style so that it’ll fit in the pocket of your duffle coat, and then sealed with wax like a medieval love- letter.

Originating in the UK, The Riddler is densely covered with music writing, especially concentrating on stuff that might have slipped under your radar. If you like the noisy end of underground indie you’ll be in seventh heaven, with the likes of Rolo Tomassi, Crime In Choir and Afrirampo all getting coverage over the first couple of issues. The Riddler comes out monthly but is pretty limited so keep your eyes peeled for a copy if you want to nab a copy of this zine. It’s masterminded by the lovely Helen, say hello to her at her MySpace page and find out more about this charming publication." (Drat! zine recommends..)

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