The Zine Unbound: Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic Hippies

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The Zine Unbound: Kults, Werewolves and Sarcastic Hippies was an exhibition held from October 7 till December 30 in 2005 at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts.

The exhibition featured three zines who were felt to be successful models of collaborative activity. Selected artwork from the editors of these publications and their contributors were on display in the gallery.

The zines featured were K48, by Scott Hug, from Brooklyn, New York; Werewolf Express, by Trinie Dalton from Los Angeles, California; and Hot & Cold by Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland from Oakland, California.

Curator Berin Golonu writes that these zines..."are the nucleus of networks of artists, writers and musicians who came together, inspire one another and feed one another's creativity. These creative exchanges have sparked new artistic endeavors that are manifested on the pages of these zines."

Also featured in the exhibition was a historic collection of zines dating from the 1980's to the 1990's from the archives of writer Dennis Cooper.

K48 featured the work of Peter Coffin, Ann Craven, Rachel Howe, Terence Koh, Phiiliip, Scott Treleaven, and many others, including editor Scott Hug.

Werewolf Express featured work by Greg Dalton, Sean Dungan, Thaddeus Strode, Francine Speigal and others, as well as editor Trinie Dalton.

Hot & Cold featured work by Rebecca Miller, Matt O'Brien, Chris Pew, Jen Smith and many others, including editors Chris Duncan and Griffin NcPartland.

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