The Union for Gender Empowerment

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The Union for Gender Empowerment is a trans-positive feminist service of the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU). They coordinate an alternative lending library (with over a thousand titles!); a co-op stocking pay-what-you-can ecologically responsible menstrual products, DIY sex toys, safer sex supplies, and gender empowerment items; and a zine library. The space is a wheelchair-accessible safe(r) space for people of all genders, and is equipped with a microwave, dishes, a kettle, and lots of tea!

Zine Distro

The Union for Gender Empowerment runs a small distro of fewer 20 different zines, however we also have a zine library which is much larger and any zines that we distro (currently or in the past) are available for borrowing.

We have the following zines available by donation in our distro:

  • Catharsis
  • Fire with Fire: A Zine About Surviving and Fighting Back
  • I Am What I Say I Am: Thoughts on Self Determination
  • Media Whore issue 4
  • Midwifery: an introduction
  • Pathologize This!

We also have an extensive zine library: membership is free!