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The Traveling Poet is an ezine publishing youth poets, art, photography, and articles relating to traveling, hitchhiking, poverty, and philosophy. It was founded by Jeremiah Walton, founder of Nostrovia! Poetry and Walking Is Still Honest Press.

The zine was founded in August 2013, publishing solely on, and accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

There is an age restriction on poetry, submissions only being accepted from poets ages 12-25. All other submission types are accepted from all ages.

A poetry contest, We Pick Up Hitchhikers, is featured at the zine's site.

Quote From The Site

"A lot of people have a romanticized idea of the road’s freedom and homelessness, and that needs to be dispelled. Some do opt to live their lives this way, others simply travel through unconventional means. To each their own, but no matter what, this is a difficult way to live, just as all ways of living"

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