The Scaredy Cat Stalker

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The Scaredy-Cat Stalker was a fanzine published by Krista Garcia, from Portland, Oregon.

The zine was mainly an outlet for Garcia's rekindled obsession with actor Henry Thomas, who played "Elliott" in the film E.T. "Scaredy Cat Stalking," as Garcia termed it, was used to describe the type of obsessive following of celebrities and real-life people that would, due to the Scaredy-Cat Stalker's shyness, never result in anything more dangerous than a late-night phone call or an anonymous love note.


The zine had at seven print issues. They were:

  • #1 The barely-seen mini that started it all. Henry stats, priceless quotes, rambling and random bits.
  • #2 Brits, sissies, teenage stalking, family circus and lots of Henry.
  • #3 Babies, Misfits, Freaks, reader's tales, recipes, chloroform and more Henry.
  • #4 Big Issue, sick, weak, well, lots of E.T., college stalking, Henry reading Playboy.
  • #5 Crack-ups, Washed-ups & Fuck-ups, Birth of an Obsessor (Duran Duran mania)
  • #6 Fogeys, Fakes & Fossils, Stalking: The Great Leveler (I meet a pedophile/stalker)
  • #7 Twins, Twosomes & Tub o' lards

Krista Garcia moved from Portland to New York City in 1998. She did one online version of the Scaredy-Cat Stalker (Version 8.0).

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