The Rhododendron Reader

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The Rhododendron Reader is a quarterly zine written by Appalachian writers and edited by Alexis Stewart. The zine has a half-size computerized layout.

Submission policy

The Rhododendron Reader gladly accepts submissions. Although its focus is on Appalachian writers, the Reader doesn't discriminate against writers from other geographic areas. However, Appalachian writers and articles on Appalachian issues, as well as humor and satire, take top priority.

Regular columns

Huntington by Night A satirical look at the unknown (and nonexistent) landmarks and celebrities of Huntington, WV, written by Chase Henderson.

Pop Culture Roach Motel B movie, J-horror, art flick, and other off-the-radar movie reviews written by Alexis Stewart.

Inflammatory Words Appalachian and queer politics written by grenadine.