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The La-La Theory is a zine about language, written by Katie. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, linguists and philosophers came up with different theories of the origin of language, and the Danish linguist Otto Jespersen gave them whimsical nicknames. The one he called The La-La Theory put forth that language was borne of the need to express poetry and love.

  • Issue #1: Fun With Words. Includes a word game, a limerick, a tongue twister, a poem about tongue twisters, and more.
  • Issue #2: A Fancy Word For Widow. All about the origin and various usages of the word widow. Includes a poem and some surprising historical and cultural tidbits.
  • Issue #3: Mrkgnao! How The Animals Talk in Different Languages. Kid-friendly (i.e., very silly).

The zine is produced by Katie at The La-La Theory Press.

Selections from The La-La Theory were reprinted in volume nine of Zine Yearbook, published in 2008.

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