The Invisible Reading Room

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The Invisible Reading Room was a library incorporating over 100 contemporary artists’ publications including zines, books, sound recordings, video compilations, periodicals, online journals and blogs.

The Invisible Reading Room was presented by The Invisible Inc. and the Next Wave Festival, as part of Next Wave’s Containers Village, 15 March – 26 March, for Festival Melbourne 2006, the cultural festival of the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Sourced through artist networks, galleries, open calls and word of mouth, the collection was intended to demonstrate 'an exciting diversity of approaches to the published medium by young or emerging visual artists from Australia, across the Commonwealth and beyond.'

Zines featured in The Invisible Reading Room included: Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People, Architeuthus Dux, Puns, Guns and Fortunes, Shelve that idea, Some Water Memories, How Things Work, Hijacked, The Tower of Lint, Leisure Centre, VOIDchicken and Glass Half Full.

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