The Hag and the Hungry Goblin

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The Hag and the Hungry Goblin is a science fiction fanzine by Christine and Derrick Ashby.

The Hag and the Hungry Goblin was published in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in the 1970s and 1980s. At least five issues were released, with #2 appearing in 1978, and #5 appearing in 1983.

Christine Ashby explains the impetus behind the zine in her 1976 DUFF trip report zine, The Flight of the Kangaroo "With the support of the Magic Puddin' people I even went so far as to put out the first issue of THE HAG AND THE HUNGRY GOBLIN (then unashamedly a Duffzine)..." At this time she was running for DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund).

The Hag and the Hungry Goblin is titled after the poem of the same name, also called Tom a Bedlam, thought to be written in the 15th century:

From the hag and the hungry goblin
That into rags would rend ye,
And the spirit that stands
By the naked man
In the Book of Moons defend ye.

Christine and Derrick Ashby also published The Smoff's Newsletter, and Christine published The Flight of the Kangaroo, her Down Under Fan Fund trip report on her visit to North America, in 1976.

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