The Guinea Pig Journals

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Example page from Issue 1

The Guinea Pig Journals is currently an A5 zine distributed in many Veterinary Surgeries, Pet shops and is now available cheaply for purchase online.

It is created, published and distributed by Cavy Slave Productions AKA Kim Hoyland and is aimed directly at Guinea Pig Owners and Hobbyists with a sense of humour.


The 'Zine is centred around the antics of two real guinea pigs - Vivica and Lucrisha - who resent living amongst Hew-mans and are planning their downfall. The original idea stemmed from people who kept Online Blogs for their Pets and the lack of Pet Magazines available in the United Kingdom, and perhaps unknowingly invokes the idea that we do not "own" pets - they Own us. The Creator/Printer/Distributer kept Guinea Pigs for years at a young age.

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