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The Eclectic Screening Room (or, ESR for short) is a zine about film, published and edited by Greg Woods in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

As the title suggests, it runs the gamut of various types of movies (largely anything but what currently runs at the multiplex), but mainly focuses on reviews and articles of cult films and independent works. Although such varied content is featured in each issue, ESR has often published theme issues, devoted to one topic, such as educational films or 70s American Cinema.

ESR began publishing in 2001, and celebrated its tenth anniversary in the fall of 2011, with the publication of its 24th issue. It began as a xeroxed digest-sized quarterly, until expanding to a laser-printed tabloid-size in 2003. Currently, it publishes once or twice a year.

In addition to the regular run of issues, it has also published three monographs. The Films of Larry Buchanan, published in 2002, was later expanded by author Rob Craig into a book published by McFarland in 2007. The Roger Corman Scrapbook was published in 2006, in honour of Roger Corman's 80th birthday, with reviews of over 80 films from his entire career, and remains ESR's largest release to date. And in 2010, ESR published It Came From 1957, written by Rob Craig.

Theme Issues

ESR #2 (Summer 2001): The First Annual Drive-In Issue

ESR #6 (Summer 2002): The Second Annual Drive-In Issue

ESR #10 (Summer 2003): Summer In the 70s

ESR #12 (Summer 2004): Educational Films

ESR #13 (Fall 2004): Film Noir

ESR #14 (Fall 2004): Back To The 70s

ESR #17 (Fall 2005): Rock and Roll Goes To the Movies

ESR #19 (Fall 2007): VHS RIP

ESR #21 (Fall 2008): A Tribute To Late Night Television

ESR #22 (Fall 2009): Cheap Horror Movies And Why We Love Them

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