The Dark Shadows Chronicle

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The Dark Shadows Chronicles
Issue 3 December 1976

The Dark Shadows Chronicle was a fanzine by Mike Rupert.

Published in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., The Dark Shadows Chronicle was devoted to the 1966 -1970 television series Dark Shadows.

The first issue appeared in June 1976. It was 32 pages and featured a Cast Index, and stage and film credits for cast members Jonathan Frid, Joan Bennett, Grayson Hall and Thayer David; a program summary; the lyrics to the song Quentin's Theme; plus a crossword puzzle, trivia and photos.

issue 2 was published in September 1976 and was 44 pages, with a review of the television broadcast of the film House of Dark Shadows; the Dark Shadows album, including lyrics to the song I, Barnabas, and submitted lyrics for the instrumental song Josette's Theme; the column "Hammer and Stake", with Dark Shadows news items; fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows" Part One; reviews of the Dark Shadows paperbacks; the article "Burnt Offerings - Dan Curtis Strikes Again", "The Crypt"; plus special surprise features.

issue 3, from December 1976 was 36 pages, and featured an article on Dark Shadows commercialism; Dark Shadows bubblegum cards, part one; the Collins Family Tree; Dark Shadows program summery; "Biography of the Month", featuring cast member David Selby; regular column "Hammer and Stake"; fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows", Part Two; plus word search.

Issue 4, released in March 1977, was 30 pages, and featured Part Three of the fan fiction "Curse of Dark Shadows"; "Biography of the Month: Roger Davis"; an article on Dark Shadows Giant Pinups; regular new column "Hammer and Stake"' a Collins Carol; fan fiction "Darkest Shadows" Part One; "The Crypt"; plus a Dark Shadows comic strip and word search.

Nine issues in all may have been released. Issue 6 was 34 pages, and issue 9, presumed to be the last, was 52 pages.

The covers of each issue featured photographs of actor Jonathan Frid as 'Barnabas Collins' except issue 3, which featured both Jonathan Frid as 'Barnabas Collins' and Grayson Hall as 'Dr. Julia Hoffman'.

Later, film and television memorabilia collector/dealer Mike Rupert ran the Dealer's Room at BayCon '82.