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The Blast! was an anarchist tabloid published by the Agitator Index Collective, which included Joel Olson, Justine Abinni, Sister Erin Immaculate and Kieran Knutson, among others. It was named in honor of Alexander Berkman's anarchist newspaper of the same name, which Berkman published from 1916-1917.

The Blast! was founded in 1993 by former members of the Profane Existence Collective. The first issue appeared in the winter of 1994, and featured coverage of the recent Zapatista uprising. Unlike other anarchist zines, The Blast! eschewed the punk rock ghetto, and their musical coverage was heavily tilted in favor of hip-hop. The newspaper was roughly the same size and format as Profane Existence, but with a more strident, revolutionary focus. The front cover of The Blast! #2, for example, bore a photo of a woman wielding a hatchet, next to the caption: "Abolish the White Race."

The Agitator Index was a member-collective of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.

The final issue appeared in 1996.