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Issue #4

The Arts Pneumonia is an independently published arts journal/zine which started life in Norwich, during 2005.

Originally a student publication based at the University of East Anglia, and created by editors Jet Payne and Jessica Warde, Pneumonia is now a growing London based publication featuring up and coming artists from around the UK.

The journal is inspired by Dada publications such as 291 and The Blind Man. A quote from the journal website reads:

"We feel Pneumonia is unique because it rejects the trendy life style accessory ethos of other arts publications. We focus on genuine content over trend led design. This has earned us popularity and trust as a platform for upcoming artists who really care about what's happening in art today."

Contributors to date include Charles Thomson, who famously co-created 'Stuckism', Angela Edwards who co-created 'Shitism', San Francisco based writer Morgan Elliott and many other emerging contemporary artists.

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