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that book of your's is a zine and audio cd written and performed by TrollE. It was released November 2007. Through songs, poems and rantish prose it encourages readers to create histories for themselves and of the spaces where they live. Also, it details how story telling and the creation of mythologies can inspire change and can create possibility.

The songs detail histories of story telling, encourage adventurism and propagate the creation of new mythologies. Half of the tracks on the album are named and have lyrics, while the other half (interspersed on the album) are atmospheric ambient noise pieces reflecting the dark, "other worldly" sentiment of the written chapters in the zine.

Excerpt from that book of your's

way past the Out, and on into the darkness. we will keep pushing the bounds and exploring the smaller towns, looking for the gateways and busted thresholds into the New Place (i hear it's huge). we love/is the Losts, and treasure every minute of geographically induced confusion. and do remember that that corner you cornered is not same corner you cornered three days ago... you can never go home again. but back on the twisty windy stream to which we abide. our wonder will not die. our awe still fills us entirely. we are explorers of worlds. we are infininauts, astroventurers reaching out with nubby lil' fingers on quivering hands, stronglike, and seeking out the distances with passionate desires exploding out of our every inspired act. in lusty wanderings we leak a bloody trail of pheromones, feral moans, and epic poetix scratched in the wet concrete.

our most fantastic dreams are not yet achieved, but wait, what is this? a whisper of a lie about a legend concerning a tale about a possible truth? seems like something we should look into!! these secrets, underground news updates from the Faraway and Long Forgotten, are the propellant, and arson is the actualization of every midnight wish wished upon them bright untouchable stars (second star from the right i hear tell...). this is what a breakthrough looks like!!

o Losts, smile with me on this one, cause you know that i know that we're in this one together tonight.

mystic exploriors and travellin' poet warriors, maybe even some of them scientists (only the theoretical metaphysics/mathematician types who are always discouraged and denied by their "colleagues"), we are the new folk heros. gone Away and longing, wandering, searching, for the Other Side, and it will be ours... but quick now, the sun's coming up.

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