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Technicolor Polkadot is a perzine written by Hannah D. Forman aka Hannah Neurotica on Lick My Lit! Press.

There are currently three issues of Technicolor Polkadot. Issue #1 is out of print but can be found in select distros. Issue 2 and 3 are still availible through Sweet Candy Distro, Valiant Death Records, Stranger Danger Distro, among others.

Hannah's zinester podcast from Technicolor Polkadot #2: "Half as Good as You Think I Am" can be heard at Fall of Autumn.

Currently, Technicolor Polkadot has morphed into a new zine title: Lick My Lit!

Hannah is also the creator of feminist horror zine, Ax Wound.

Reviews of Technicolor Polkadot

"With a love of mutilated Barbie Doll’s, performing, hot pink typewriters, feminism, bizarre collages, being naked, and all things bright, bubbly, and polka-dotted, it is no wonder Hannah’s newest zine, Technicolor Polka Dot, is as fun and entertaining to read as it is vivid and colorful to look at. Photocopied and stapled together with assorted rainbow colors, random pages are packed with heart, polka dot, and lollipop stickers and completed with witty and adorable drawings and artwork. The first page makes the reader burst with anticipation as Hannah poetically describes her feelings about getting in front of her class and performing. Filled with nervous energy and buzzing with kitschy imagery, Hannah starts the zine off with a theme: self-expression and overcoming the fear of expression.

Any artist will be able to relate to Hannah’s heartfelt stories about breaking down in the middle of writing a personal essay and about how art can really make a person get in touch with a whirlwind of emotions they may not have wanted released in the first place. There are some stories in here that may be triggering for anyone that has dealt with anxiety and anxiety attacks, but Hannah proves to be an inspiration in the ways she has learned to deal with her anxiety. She was once a girl afraid to g et out of the house when anxiety struck, but through a timely twist of fate, she concludes, “Now when I need to convince myself to leave the apartment, I just think of this moment as motivation… you really never know what will happen…” Hannah also includes some tips in the back of the zine about how to manage your anxiety, how to seek support, and finally… how to just BREATHE!

There are many random essays and personal accounts packed into this zine, including a complete account of all the events that took place in one day of her life. A villanelle poem, a political centerfold, and an interesting interview with the infamous Cynthia Plaster Caster are just some of the many outrageous writings you will find in this zine, along with an essay about growing up Jewish and feeling alienated and weird because all of the other kids celebrated Christmas. Technicolor Polka Dot is like an anthology of Hannah’s various writings, rants, and raves, all organized into one extreme zine you won’t soon forget. Funny, relatable, witty and charming, Technicolor Polka Dot is the new “IT” zine." -Jennifer Swann, Suburban Waste/

I find Hannah to be a truly brave girl to express the thoughts and feelings that she did. It seems like some people are so quick to make others feel ashamed or embarrassed about their sexual thoughts or actions. Hannah breaks those barriers. This zine begins with a graphic sexual fantasy of Hannah's and then she describes her story of being sexually assaulted. Hannah writes about being honest about her submissive side while still being a survivor of assault and an advocate for victims of abuse. This zine does contain graphic sexual content and could be triggering to abuse victims."

"Issue 3 is a continuation of Hannah's striking writing style. The stories inside of this zine are like a walk down memory lane for her. She writes about college and a close friendship she once had. Hannah describes a psychedelic night with a boy who toured with Phish and was banned from the state of Ohio! " Sweet Candy Distro

"This is a really fun issue [TPD#3] of Hannah Neurotica's zine Technicolor Polkadot.

She writes a lot of great stories that fit perfectly with her zine and the great cut and paste layout. She writes a lot about sexuality, feminism, gender issues, complicated friendships and relationships and a lot of other fun things. Her writing style is very personal and open and she is very blunt about her desires and ideas. It's very interesting to read about such things from the perspective of, as she amusingly puts it, a "good Jewish from Brooklyn". A fun read with stories and layouts that will keep you very entertained. -Bucky, Valiant Death Records


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