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Jaysus, this is/was a bit of a killer to edit, I want to list the Xerox Irish fanzines directory to document how much zines there were in Ireland in such a short space of time, Originally i listed them but this took up a lot of space (see earlier edit) then I used the pic but its bigger than the 200 pixels lengh width, but even now its a bit patchy with all the spaces and all, any ideas from anyone?? Eugene Loserdom

  • I think it's awesome, we wanted to start adding more articles, I've seen a similar one for early UK zines (and used it for some entries) that I was planning on asking the author to let us reprint. You could do an index at the top going to the various zines... Alan probably has more formatting suggestions, he's more used to wiki formatting than me. dan10things 20:40, 15 May 2007 (EDT)