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Swishblade cover.jpg

Swishblade is a zine by Abe Miner, published in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.

Issue one of his zine, released in 1997, features a cover with an assortment of switchblades with bandaids stuck next to them. Inside, Abe writes about being in a punk band, playing through fifteen dollar amps and not being able to sing or knowing any notes, yet still being able to play shows and put out a tape, because they're a queer band called Fagatron. Abe can't understand why queer and female performers worry about being taken seriously as musicians when so many great bands, such as Flipper, The Mekons , The Slits, and The Germs all either couldn't play at first, or, for some, throughout their entire career. He says, "...anyone can be in a band. and everyone should." This is followed by tips on how to get a band together. Swishblade also includes pieces such as an interview with a Bisexual woman; "Things I Hear From Heteros" and "Things I Hear from Homos", two lists that sometimes have surprising similarities; "How To Get Along With Straight People"; on having safe sex; and a comic style illustration of a superhero with the word FAG on his chest, with a circle around the 'A'.

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