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Subterranea #1, "Seagulls and Snot Rockets" was a travel zine written by Drew Nowhere during a ten day siesta in La Jolla, CA inspired by the first third of a solo 62 day bike tour from Seattle to Austin via San Diego.


Instead of focusing solely on the cycling aspect of the trip, this zine sought to elaborate on the feelings induced by traveling, or the longing for and epiphanies of. This zine seeks to inspire others to travel outside conventional means: shoplifting food, sleeping outside libraries at night, tagging messages on scenic highways, commandeering old houses and cabins, and generally going for it, just mad to discover and learn.


Back on the road. Supplementing canyons of dermal grime where once there were only wrinkles. Taking breaks from counting mile markers to watch steam wisp off evacuated fluids. Pedaling calm, yet relentlessly for hours with stiff neck, numb hands , and raw ass. Watching the sun dive into the Pacific hoping you'll make it to the next neglected nook of another small town before those rays of light expire completely. Flip "brutal tape" again, grab another bootleg Clif bar, and charge ahead into the unknown. Torn atlas pages yield opportunist camping down the line and you'll make it if your already gone.


Subterranea was inspired (in form) primarily by Drugs and Daydreams but also Crimethinc's Off the Map and Evasion. The title is in part borrowed from Jack Kerouacs' The Subterraneans.