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Streeteaters was a compzine based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and edited by Paula Bellina.

Each issue of Streeteaters featured poetry, fiction, prose, and photographs, and illustration. Paula describes the zine in a June 2009 blog post:

The aesthetic is straight d.i.y. collage, cut & paste, found images and surrealist inspired layout and dynamic. We had themes ranging from "Andre Breton's 7 past loves" to the "Russian Issue" where I created a comic out of Crime & Punishment, "the sleep issue" where we solicited people [...] to write one line descriptions of their strangest dreams, and also the "minimalist issue" which we hosted a fundraiser for which included a haiku slam and breakdancers breaking to no music... just sneaker squeaks.

Thirty-nine issues of the zine were released on a near-monthly schedule, with the last issue published September 2006.

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