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Staples (June 2006-) is a literary based in Adelaide, SA, Australia. It features short stories, poetry and critical essays and each edition is sold for AU$4. It is supported by the Univerity of Adelaide's Creative Writing program, and has featured works by prominent local artists such as Cath Kenneally, Ken Bolton, Rachel Hennessy and Moya Costello.

Staples also holds a regular monthly event at the Jah'z Cafe at 6:30pm on the last Thursday of every month. Selected speakers read their works from the latest edition, followed by an open mike.

Past Editions

Edition 1 (June 2006)


  • "Staples" by Cath Kenneally
  • "Fierce Squares" by Drew Thomson
  • "The Sky Turned" by Drew Thomson
  • "Lambing" by Chris Battams
  • "Digging" by Tom Crowhurst
  • "Punctured" by Tom Crowhurst
  • "Manuscript" by John De Laine
  • "Impressions of a Neglected Home" by John De Laine
  • "The Espresso Hour" by Mario Sos
  • "Angst Convertors" by Kym Packer


  • "The Scream: Forces of the Past and Premonitions of the Future" by Wayne Christaudo
  • "The Danger of Writing" by Shannon Burns


  • "Arts on Sunday" by Kristy Dennis
  • "The Sound of the Fury" by Emmett Stinson
  • "Jesus of Suburbia" by Lyndall Clipstone

Edition 2 (July 2006)


  • "Twenty Accessories You Can’t Live Without" by Moya Costello
  • "The Dust Tree" by Viv Lewis


  • "Things to Say" by Ken Bolton
  • "I Do A Drawing" by Ken Bolton
  • "Outwardly" by Michael Farrell
  • "Metro" by Margaret Dingle
  • "Dead Rabbit" by Led Helmut
  • "Prophylaxis (or A Game Of Chess)" by Led Helmut
  • "The Goodfellow" by Petra Fromm
  • "Dreaming" by Heather Taylor Johnson


  • "Freenet" by Gavin Schultz

Edition 3 (August 2006)


  • "A Walk in the Park" by Anna Solding
  • "Chickens" by Monica Stasiak
  • "One Hand Clapping" by Paline McLoughlin
  • "A Sip" by Emily Cock
  • "WaterColour" by Sunshine Cooper
  • "Lighter Pink" by Kym Pcaker
  • "Forged in the Fires of Prometheus" by Mr. Metaphor


  • "Document6" by Rachel Hennessy
  • "Escaping Adorno’s ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Prophecy" by Matthew Lorenzon


  • "Sniffing at the Lion’s Breath" by Kerryn Tredrea
  • "Dangerface" by Kerryn Tredrea
  • "In My Blackness" by Tom Crowhurst
  • "Companionable Winter" by A.M. Slassin
  • "Evolution of the Arm" by John De Laine



  • Shannon Burns
  • Bern Smith (past)


  • Gavin Schultz
  • Emily Cock

Layout & Typesetting

  • Gavin Schultz

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