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Stapesaw zine was a short-lived music fanzine from Walsall, England. The music it covered was focused on extreme hardcore punk (powerviolence, fastcore etc), and noise music. It ran for two full issues and one collaborative issue during 2010 and was written by Sam Hunt.


  • Issue 1: June 2010, eleven pages, limited to twenty-five copies. Interviews: Michael Ridge, Hal Hutchinson.
  • Issue 2: September 2010, seventeen pages, limited to forty copies. Interviews: Henry Fonda, Pasteroom Records.
  • Issue 3: October 2010, "The Blissful Counterstroke," collaborative zine with Richard Johnston-Jones (Madness of the Crowd), Matt Jordan (Expect Delays) and Chaz Hewitt (Eat a Book Records).

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