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Smoldering Ape Magazine is a zine that was started by two Pittsburghers, Christian Breitkreutz and Cory Spangler. It has been publishing words and pictures since 2006.

It is apolitical, male, anti-social, no-brow, and, in what the editors feel is perhaps a sign of the times, borderline escapist. It is completely free, blatantly independent, 100% self-funded, and zero per cent hip. As of 2007, there have been three issues, released sporadically and in different quantities. Each has had a color cover and pull-out poster. Departments include an all meat recipe, "Permanent Hangover", "Cremation Practice", "Ape Droppings" "Into the Rat's Nest", and "Sex Sells - But I'm Broke." It features all fiction stories, and local art as well.

Smoldering Ape Magazine was reviewed in the February 2008 issue of Thrasher. It was featured alongside the likes of Lowcard and Sauce, two highly regarded underground skate magazines.

  • Issue One "Beginner's Luck" 150 copies. Released June 11, 2006. 27 pgs. Some color.

Featured two fiction short stories, one non-fiction review of the Preakness Horse Race, and a photo journal from the race. Out of print.

  • Issue Two "The Tragedy of Trying" 500 copies. Released May 1, 2007. 48 pages. Color.

Featured two fiction short stories by Cory Spangler; Meat Salad; paintings by Christian Breitkreutz on old skateboards. Out of print.

  • Issue Three "Lisping in Your Sleep" 550 copies. Released June 23, 2007. 48 pages. Some color.

Featured an interview with Yanni Papadopoulos, guitarist of Stinking Lizaveta; fiction by Cory Spangler; design and collages by Christian Breitkreutz. Back issues limited and available.


All inquiries about issues, submissions, where to get one, and otherwise, can be fielded at Issues available to mail upon request. Trades always welcome and encouraged.

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