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Small Town Loser is a now defunct zine written by Elliott Stewart that chronicled the small town punk scene in Logan, WV. It was originally titled Agent Orange, but a button maker strongly suggested a name change to avoid copyright infringement issues with the band Agent Orange.

Small Town Loser contained interviews with West Virginia punk bands as well as political articles, poetry, record and zine reviews, satire, and musings on local events.

One satirical piece titled "The 6.9 Commandments of Jebus" in issue #3 angered local school officials. The zine was banned from being sold on Logan county school property, and Stewart was permanently banned from using any school copy facilities, including that of the public library. A lack of copy facilities and funds led to the zine's demise.

Small Town Loser spanned seven issues from September 2000 to May 2002. It had a copy and paste half-size layout. A CD-ROM anthology of all the issues as well as unprinted articles and promotional material was released in May 2002.