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Slap & Tickle was a zine produced between 1988 and 1994 by Jay Crasdan.

The first six issues were done on a mimeograph and a Selectric typewriter. Crasdan bought an Apple LaserWriter in 1989 and started produing Slap & Tickle using it, starting with issue 7. The last issue of the 1980s, #12, was thrown to a crowd at a New Year's Eve gathering in Boston and are very rare.

Issue number 13 was released in June of 1990, though it was almost a full year before #14 was released. Issue 18 was the final issue and was given away at Crasdan's 25th Birthday party. It was produced using hectograph on pages of denim.

Each issue featured a famous song and Crasdan and friends would write articles relating to the song and his life. Issue 14 was called 'Fuck The Police' and featured an article by M Lloyd about a traffic stop where an officer felt her up.

The cover of issues 15 and 18 were done by Robert Rauschenberg. Crasdan had been a stage tech at a talk Rauschenberg gave in Boston and took the doodles he had been doing on a hotel pad of paper.

Most of the known remaining issues of Slap & Tickle were lost in the fire that destoyed Jay and M's house outside Santa Barbara. Crasdan and Lloyd have started the process of piecing together articles and art from the various issues to put together a one-shot detailing the zine.

'Issue 1'- She-Bop. Six Tales of Female Masturbation. Featuring M Lloyd.
'Issue 2'- Leader of The Pack. Two Articles about dead boyfriends from M Lloyd and Judith Morel.
'Issue 3'- King of America. Nine articles about The American Dream with art from Bill Rotsler and Dennis Maven.
'Issue 4'- Paranoid. No copies of this issue are known to exist.
'Issue 5'- Caravan. No copies of this issue are know to exist.
'Issue 6'- The End. The First issue to print more than 100 total issues. Jay Crasdan believes that at least ten still exist.
'Issue 7'- Walk The Line. Fifteen articles mostly by Jay Crasdan. Jay Crasdan has one copy.
'Issue 8'- 25 or 624 or Saturday in the Park- No copies of this issue are known to exist. M Lloyd believes it was called 25 or 624 and SaBean MoreL remembers it as Saturday in the Park. Jay Crasdan can't remember.
'Issue 9'- Ring of Fire. Six article about falling in love. One copy exists.
'Issue 10'- Locomotion. Never distributed. Jay believes he still has a box full somewhere.
'Issue 11'- Under Pressure. Largest print run of all the issues of Slap & Tickle at 250. Several people are known to have copies.
'Issue 12'- Auld Lang Syne. One issue was supposedly offered on eBay about five years ago. No others are known to exist.
'Issue 13'- The Bitch is Back. Articles by Lewis Sanchez, Michelle Yan and M Lloyd.
'Issue 14'- Fuck The Police. A single article by M Lloyd about being sexually harrassed by a Georgia State Trooper. M Lloyd had one copy and another was offered on eBay with Issue 12.
'Issue 15'- Me, Myself and I. Crasdan details his break-up with M Lloyd. M Lloyd has one in her collection.
'Issue 16'- Russians. Cover by James Lilly. None are known to exist.
'Issue 17'- Crasdan can't remember what it was about and none are known to exist.
'Issue 18'- The Long and Winding Road. 50 copies were given out at Crasdan's birthday party. Lila Coals and SaBean MoreL are known to have copies.