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[A Sick Zine] is a completely handmade Dutch magazine filled with absurd humor. Weird black/white collages provide the magazine’s images and all the text is written on a typewriter. They work on purpose without the internet and without a computer, everything is done by hand. Cut and paste images provides the magazines visual needs, and the texts are written on a typewriter. Characteristic are ‘the absurd humor and weird poetry’. Every page tells it's own absurd story. Consider the magazine a bundle of weird stories.

A Sick Zine was founded in 2010 by Silas Nout, Martin van der Molen and Romano Watamaleo and made room for total absurdity in their work. This need couldn't be fulfilled in their study illustration and graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and so they created their own crazy platform.

So far they have released five issue's wich include:

A Sick Zine no.1 - STD'S The first issue is all about the nastiest STD's and physical diseases you can imagine. Just real sick shit!

A Sick Zine no.2 - Animals The second issue is about animals. Crazy, wierd, phsyco animals in any kind of way.

A Sick Zine no.3 - Crazy Christmas The third edition is about the crazy christmas and new years stuff. Drunk santa's with crazy deers and gifts. Released in the middle of summer. Just for the sake of crazyness.

A Sick Zine no.4 - Haute Culture This issue makes fashion people look really funny. Did you ever looked at fashion this way? Dont think so.

A Sick Zine no.5 - De MEGAZINE The last issue they made is mega. Huge that is. A tabloid size zine with enormous underdressed woman and a bird who cant fly because of his giant willy. That kinda stuff.

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