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Seth Bogart is a zine editor and musician.

Seth Bogart's first zine was called Puberty Strike. A number of these zines were released on the late 1990's, accompanied by a promotional campaign utilizing underwear. Contributors included Fawn Gehweiler. The last issue was published in February, 1998.

He followed this zine with Psycho No1 Fan. Janelle Hessig contributed artwork.

While doing these zines he began performing with a number of bands. The best known was Gravy Train!!! who released a number of singles and albums on the Kill Rock Stars label. At the same time he was also playing with his band Panty Raid with Brontez, until Brontez joined Gravy Train!!!!.

In 2008, he has formed his own band Hunx and his Punx. Since then they have been regularly touring and releasing recordings.




Hunx and his Punx

  • Hairdresser Blues, Hardly Art (2012)
  • Too Young To Be In Love, Hardly Art (2011)
  • Gay Singles, True Panther Sounds (2010)

Gravy Train!!!

  • All The Sweet Stuff, Gravy Train!!!!, Kill Rock Stars (2007)
  • Are You Wigglin'?, Gravy Train!!!!, Kill Rock Stars (2005)
  • Stame The Batch, Gravy Train!!!! DVD, Retard Disco (2004)
  • Ghost Boobs, Gravy Train!!!!, Kill Rock Stars (2004)

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