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Scribble Faster is a perzine by Megan Gerrity issued from 2004-2006.

In each of her three issues, Gerrity writes wistful short stories about her early to mid twenties in New York City. All issues are decorated with photocopy art and doodles.

Issue 1: Apartment six issued summer 2004. This issue focuses on a three-year period during which Gerrity lived in an apartment on 9th street in the East Village of Manhattan with two friends, an obese cat, thousands of roaches, and a revolving door of boyfriends and houseguests.

Issue 2: The Mix Tape issued 2005. The introduction of this issue reads "scribble faster no. 2: the mix tape is stories about boys thinly disguised as stories about music. But it is also stories of music thinly disguised as stories about boys...Very, very thinly." As promised, Gerrity delivers thoughtful miniature romance dramas with punk and indie soundtracks.

Issue 3: Set Sail issued 2006. This issue deals with various journeys one makes growing up, beginning with Gerrity's desperate need for an escape from her hometown Boston as a gothy teen to finally leaving New York City after a dozen years of life split between Manhattan and Brooklyn.