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Sara McCool is a zinester and filmmaker.

During the 1990's, Sara put out nine issues of her zine Sourpuss. The zine was a combination of interviews, contributions from others, drawings, and personal thoughts on the intolerance of society towards others who are bi-racial, fat, or gay. During this period, Sara was also helped start the Riot Grrrl Pittsburg chapter. In issue nine of Sourpuss, Sara wrote about being a guest on Oprah and speaking about Riot Grrrl. Despite knowing she was making money for Oprah, she wanted to have the opportunity to encourage other young women to "go and start something" too.

In 2000, Sara McCool released her first film, a 25 minute documentary called Big Girls: Big Beautiful Women In the Adult Entertainment Industry. The film plays at festivals across the U.S. to this day. She followed the success of this video with two shorter works in 2004.



  • Big Girls: Big Beautiful Women In the Adult Entertainment Industry (2000)
  • The Fatty Dance Party Show (2004)
  • Extreme Personality Makeover (2004)