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Sanimag is a zine published in Dekalb, Illinois in the 1990's.

The first issue of Sanimag appeared in January of 1993. It was put together by five women; Tara, Maggie, Diane, Amy and Lita, and was a cut and paste, photocopied publication.

The editorship of Sanimag changed over time, but the focus of the zine remained consistent. The first three issues prominently featured the comic "Mai Tai, International Spy" by Amy. Tara and Lita also contributed illustrations and comics. The zine featured humorous pieces; collages; articles focused on women's sexuality, feminist issues, and self defense; poetry; book reviews; and reviews of recordings by bands such as Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Heavens To Betsey, 7 Year Bitch, and Fifth Column.

Each issue also featured an article by Amy about her radio show, "Feminasty" on WKDI 93.5 FM, which featured "Riot Grrrl alternative rock".

Five issues of Sanimag were released during the 1990's.