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Rock Candy Magazine

written, drawn, & published by Megan Gale, 2004-present

Rock Candy is a comics zine. It runs strips and long-form stories, always humor, usually absurdist, featuring popular musicians as characters in classical or pop cultural narrative structures.


Issue 1: (minicomic) The True Secret Origin of the Beatles (science fiction) 2004 sold with sticks of rock candy

Issue 2: (tabloid format) Jack White and his Symbiotically Superpowered Spider-Man Suit (superheroica) 2004

Issue 3: (tabloid format) Beck & the Flaming Lips Versus the Werewolf Ghost (Scooby-Doo parody) 2005

Issue 4: (tabloid format) Johnny Rotten meets Green Day (Pinnochio/Faust parody) 2006

Issue 5: (forthcoming 2012)

Rock Candy v2

An unrelated V2 #1 was released as a music fanzine in 2008, specific to the CoJack[1]/Asbury Park Jersey Shore scene of avant garde, indie, and punk. It featured articles on Xylophone of Wrenches, Russ Puss, Joe Harvard's Long Weekend, and several comic strips.

Note there are several webcomics and zines with the same name. Rock Candy Magazine, to date, has never been represented online.