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Rochester Teen Set Outsider Issue 1

Rochester Teen Set Outsider is a zine by Will Carroll published in Rochester, NY, U.S.A.

Teen Set has been descried as a Rochester themed Mad Magazine. It regularly features, rumors, reviews, comics, jokes, shows and exposes. Teen Set has many online sources of information including the official site at and Teen Set is always accepting High School stories, short stories about obsessions, questions for our advise columnist and dreams for analysis.

Rochester TeenSet Outsider started in Febuary 2010 and has continued releasing issues until today.

Not only has TeenSet published the outsider magazine but has also published comic book Nice Bear and Cool Fox also every wednesday night at rochester's bugjar night club TeenSet 45 party occurs and celebrates all that is on vinyl 45/

The first issue was released in February of 2010. The cover features a photo of serial killer Ed Gein, and announces that Rochester Teen Set Outsider features an interview with ECW/WWE wrestling star Dawn Marie, as well as TV and movie reviews, high school stories, and Rochester rumors.

The second issue contains An expose on martin luther king and his connection to science fiction -an investigation of a real murder, crime scene photos included -teen set eats out article review of the cheesecake factory -teen set at the moovies review of the wolfman -wrasslin with wrestling. "my favorite tag teams" -rockin rochester -tv casuality -francis perri interview -peligroso comic -high school story by fawn -travel section - i want to holler but the towns too small

The third issue contains -an expose on everybody's favorite cartoon character!!! including famous pro wrestlers -justin beiber teen titan -Paul london presents wrestling with rasslin -vhs summer flea market film series -ins and outs -tv casuality spot light on saturday night live -teen set pays it's last respects to robert culp and chris kanyon -celebrity interview with cousin al -i want to holler but the towns too small -travel section jello museum rumors reviews lord goo goo and more more more!

the fourth issue contains -an expose on cable tv -teen sets chewing gum challenge -local crimes roller blader hit by car -interview with Chesterfield king greg prevost -teen sets greaser heros -ian decay presents wrestling with rasslin -fookin poof -101 things i hate -part 2 of cousin al interview -high school story by john blizzaro -teen set at the movies review of how to train a dragon rumors reviews and more more more!

The fifth issue contains This isssue is all about high school -an expose on high school featuring stories by broose, max brown, henry mustard, jake razor, -local crimes, bench related nudity -f&%$ the festival guy -rockin rochester -fookin poof comic by rev sinn -teen set pays its last respects -down at the carnival by neal -spooky stories -atuk -wrestling with rasslin -guilty pleasures -ins and outs -teen set at the moovies, review of a-team rumors reviews and more more more!

The sixth issue contains Issue six is all about movies!

-expose on summer blockbusters -interview with sharktopus director declan o brien -vhs summer flea market film series -local crimes -high school story by matt from buffalo -teen set eats out -next years movies -true stories about bill murray by neal -dream machine -101 movies everyone should see -ask aunt joey -jack nicholson rumors reviews and more more more!

The Seventh issue contains ssue 7 is all about music! -Record store owner challenge winner! house of guitars -colin from gbh -the root hogs -the devil springs -the narcs -shamatari -local crimes -travis (doofs) indovina's 101 movies everybody should see -wrestling with rasslin -ask aunt joey -fookin poof comic by rev sinn -high school story by elise -is bret holding back cam's music career -the cheetah whores are out of control -in and outs -the future of rockin rochester -i hate the 90's -what is jersey shore rumors reviews and more more more!

The eight issue contains he scariest teen set ever has -halloween costumes from years gone by -everyone's favorite halloween candy -a puzzle to discover the wolf man's home address -rkj's toy castle -101 movies everybody should see by rev sinn -spooky comic by faye -celebrity report -spooky stories by brian blatt, bradley, andy and vince conge -acid trip record review -caspers testimony by difurious -wrestling with rasslin (scariest wrestlers) -ask aunt joey -10 things i hate about working in a halloween store despite the fact that i love halloween -boglins scariest toy ever made

Rumors reviews and more more more and every issue comes with a spooky suprise!

(some issues are limited edition blood stained!)

The ninth issue contains -a journal entry from 2015 about post apocalyptic rochester -fookin poof comic -top 5 kids in the u.s.a -travel section -what teen set wants for christmas -the life and times of lady gaga -wrestling with rasslin "snowstorm to long island" -lindseys 101 movies everbody should see -acid trip review -ask aunt joey -high school story by lia -local crimes "henry fighting at bugjar" -win a night with the narcs -more more mORE!!!

the tenth issue contains The christmas issue of teen set is a holiday fun filled extravaganza

-Everyone's favorite christmas present of all time -An interview with Dead Boy's JEFF MAGNUM -Dental Awarness December -Teen Set Christmas catalog -GRIME TIME -Art by Faye -year end awards -teen set pays its last respects to -a real photo of santa clause -teen set bully prevention -101 best christmas movies -teen sets best nicknames -acid trip review rumors reviews and more more more!!!

The eleventh issue of teen set contains Be prepared for 36 pages of Rochester Fun as I couch surfed at the local criminals, drag queens, party animals, bikers, wrestlers, bike polo players, drug addicts, morons, losers and punks.

also, big daddy bag of doghnuts reviews the UV RAYS christmas show and Charlie Farmer reviews Little Ceasars pizza pizza .

also the new years twlight (zone) party and Spook Rockers SectSS! Also rumors and a story about poor pluto the dog and why hes been feeling a little suicidal!!!!


Will Carroll
32 edmonds st apt 1 rochester ny 14607