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Real Men Issue 6

Real Men was a zine published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in the 1990's.

A number of issues of this photocopied and hand colored feminist publication were released in the 1990's. Issue 6 of Real Men focused on events such as Rock For Choice, the series of concerts initiated by the band L7 that helped raise money for pro-choice groups. An essay by Andrea addresses women in the workplace. "The Ten Most Oppressive Events of our Lifetime" lists worldwide and local events that are affecting the lives of women, such as The Montreal Massacre, the UN Conference on birth control and reproductive health that didn't include any women representatives from third world countries and, closer to home, the Peel Board of Education meeting, where Mississauga Christian parents groups protested the teaching of sex education in health classes. There is also an article entitled "Current Events" that talks about Islamic fundamentalists with point by point illustrations of their persecution of women.

In a moment of levity, the zine also lists "Joel's Tips on Giving Hickeys" and "The Top Five Places to Give A Hickey".