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first issue of React

React was a D.I.Y. zine from Dublin, Ireland which was written by Niall McGuirk.

React was in the format of a freesheet zine that was seen around Dublin from 1990 to 1997. The aim of it was to publicise whatever D.I.Y. independent punk gigs that were coming up in Dublin at the time (some of which were being organised by Hope Promotions) and also the music and other zines that were being released. Initially it was written on a monthly basis and at one stage there was 2,000 copies of it being circulated around Ireland (wherever there was independent punk gigs going on), however this decreased. After a break for around a year and a half, React reappeared to publicise the gigs, music and zines again that were part of the momentum of the Dublin punk scene of the mid nineties during which time the independent non profit punk gigs were put on by the descendent of Hope Promotions, the Hope Collective. In all around 35 issues were released. Niall went on to publish a vegan cook book/documentary book about the punk gig scene in Dublin at the time which was called 'Document - A Story of Hope' (which was published in the US as Please Feed Me; A Vegan Cookbook.