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Re/fuse is a hardcore punk based zine from the Netherlands.

The first issue was published in 2000. The zine is printed on tabloid format. Besides the regular punk music articles and interviews, Re/fuse focusses on other counter cultures and underground art. Re/fuse is made by 7 people.


  • RE/fuse 01 (2000): Reaching Forward, Mark McCOy (Das Oath/Charles Bronson), Mihoen! +
  • RE/fue 02 (2001): Oil, Alterglobalisation Movement, Orwell Nation +
  • RE/fuse 03 (2003): Heaven Shall Burn, Modern Life is War, Punk bands and gay identity +
  • RE/fuse 04 (2004): Ian Mackay, Re/fuse book club +
  • RE/fuse 05 (2006): Kylesea, Converge, Abusive Action, State of Mind +
  • RE/fuse 06 (upcoming):Comeback Kid, Antidote, Fascist Aesthetics in Punk +

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