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Radical Updates #1

Radical Updates is an independent publication which covers activist movements, independent, underground media and revolution related articles. In addition it gives updates on the Radical Caring zine, on the SURGE (Social Uprising Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival which accepts DIY video and many other activist movements multimedia. Radical Updates is available as a free-of-charge email newsletter zine. The material it covers is generally available directly from the activists and includes contact information and other specifics (such as whether or not the cost of admission is free or the activist's trade policy). Its updates sections covers free speech issues such as the Free of Kings project and other topics of interest to the independent publishing community and activists worldwide.

The zine was launched in 2006 by members of the A-Welcome-To-All We Invite You collective as a united method of sharing activist updates worldwide by utilizing mutual aid. All issues are downloadable from their website.

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