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Queen Itchie, also known as Jennifer Nixon, is a writer, performer and zinester.

She is perhaps best known as a contributor to Lisa Carver's zine Rollerderby, as well as a performer in the Suckdog Circus, Lisa Carver's performance troupe. However, in the 1990's, Queen Itchie also produced her own zine called Everything I Touch Turns to Shit and Garbage. She appeared in other zines at that time as well.

Queen Itchie is also a comic artist and illustrator, and was involved in the transgressive comic scene of the late 1990's, appearing in Peter Bagge's Hate comic anthology. In 1999, she edited the comic anthology Spice Capades, released by Fantagraphic Books, which featured comics and articles by fellow zinesters such as by Mike Diana, Robert Kirby, Jeff Koyen and artists such as Peter Bagge and Gilberto Hernandez, as well as Queen Itchie herself.

She has been a writer for various New York publications, including New York Press and has been featured in Index Magazine.




  • Spice Capades, edited by Queen Itchie, Fantagraphics, 1999
  • Hate, edited by Peter Bagge and Jim Blanchard, Fantagraphics, 1998