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Quail Bell is a print 'zine and online magazine of real and unreal stories. Run by editor Christine Stoddard and art director Kristen Rebelo, Quail Bell features creative and journalistic submissions from all over the world.

Quail Bell is published in the U.S.A. Previously Quail Bell has been featured in Time Out New York, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Community Access Television, Ravishly.com, and elsewhere. Quail Bell's 'zines, books, prints, documentaries, and related projects have been tabled and screened at the Brooklyn 'Zine Festival, the Philly Feminist 'Zine Festival, the D.C. 'Zine Festival, the Richmond Zine Fest, the Baltimore Zine and DIY Fest, the Virginia Festival of the Book, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, etc. Quail Bell 'zines have been carried by St. Mark's Bookshop, Bluestocking Books, and Chop Suey Books, among others. Quail Bell's first books—The Nest: An Anthology of The Unreal and Airborne: An Anthology of The Real—were released by Belle Isle Books, an imprint of Brandylane Publishers, in 2014. Available on BarnesAndNoble.com and Amazon.com, the books are distributed by Ingram and also available in select brick and mortar stores. Christine Stoddard, Jade Miller, and Julie DiNisio teamed up to edit the two anthologies, which feature selections originally published on QuailBellMagazine.com from 2010-2012. The books' cover art by Kristen Rebelo won a "distinguished merit" award in 3x3 Magazine's International Picture Book Show that same year.

Christine Stoddard was honored as one of Style Weekly's 2011 "Top 40 Under 40" in Richmond, Virginia for founding the magazine as a college blog. Many of Quail Bell's earliest contributors were Christine's friends and classmates at Virginia Commonwealth University, which houses one of the top art schools in the country, as well as respected creative writing and journalism programs. One such early contributor was Josephine Stone, who tragically died in October 2011. Josie, as she was known, served as Quail Bell's first managing editor and contributed to Quail Bell's first print 'zine. Her portrait, drawn by Kristen Rebelo, now hangs in Penny Lane Pub in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Other early Quail Bell contributors included artists and writers from across the globe.

QuailBellMagazine.com is updated daily and accepts unsolicited submissions year-round.

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