Purple Myrtle Squeegy - A PMS Perzine

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Purple Myrtle Squeegy - A PMS Perzine, Issue #4 - July 2012, the 24-Hour Zine Thing

Purple Myrtle Squeegy is a PMS perzine written by Hadass S. Ben-Ari, based in Jerusalem, Israel.

It started in 2010 as a nonsense zine including art and articles that made sense solely to the writer. It later evolved into a diary-style perzine including stories and rants about holidays, travels, music, playing guitar, being a punk and a metalhead grrrl, activism, art, DIY events and projects, feminism and riot grrrl. It sometimes also includes collages and original drawings by the author, and a regular segment of the comics "Twigz".

The author explains the name of the zine as follows:

  • Purple is her favorite color.
  • Myrtle is her name (Hadass in Hebrew)
  • Squeegy is what she is (not to be confused with Squeegee)

The issues are all hand-made cut-n-paste: written by hand or on a manual typewriter, laid out with scissors, glue, paper, construction paper, flyers and magazines, and pen or pencil drawings. The two first issues are half-page size, and the later ones are quarter-size.

The zine was renamed Purple Moon Spawn - A PMS Perzine in 2019.


The zine is available for trade. Contact Hadass by email: fallopian.falafel@gmail.com

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