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Printaissance is a perzine / Literary Zine from Rob Bowen, a.k.a. The Angry Hippie, where he shares random thoughts, poems (both old and new exclusive works), and an occasional topical, insightful rant. With plenty of biting or insightful commentary and some bits of humor, Printaissance Poetry Periodicals are Rob's contribution to the zine community. The last bastion of of the printed word!


Issue 1


This first issue takes a hard look at the supposed death of print, the history of zines, and has some insight into the man holding the pen. Kicking off this inaugural issue with more prose than poetry, Rob puts his ranty hat on and goes to town. And when he gets back from town boy, does he have some stories to share...sorry, though...he forgot to pick you up the fries you asked for. What do you expect, he was probably stoned.

half page - 16 pages January 2011

Issue 2


This installment is a per/lit zine mixing personal anecdotes, original poetry, and some ranty socio-political commentary and myth busting to bring this new issue to life. It is titled 56 Herbs and is focused on that favorite gateway drug of choice for millions of people across the globe, Marijuana!

half page - 28 pages February 2011

Issue 3


The third issue is once again a per/lit zine using a mix of personal anecdotes, original poetry, and some truly personal insights into my writing and the muses that guide my pen to fill the chapters of this newest zine. It is titled This is for my Muses and is focused on those literary inspirers of the written word!

half page - 26 pages June 2011


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